Saturday, 30 June 2007

V.E.T spells OUCH

If you were greeted with this cute face would you want to subject the furry body to a nasty experience? No I thought not. These humans decided it would be a good idea to take me to V.E.T. Have you ever been? Not a nice experience at all. You go in, everyone is all smiles, then you get called into a little room, where there is a scarey human in a long white coat (I don't know why as it's not particularly cold in there.) My first visit started well. V.E.T gave me biscuits, always a good idea, then I got a little stroke, I was just starting to enjoy myself when OUCH, something sharp JABBED me. What on earth was that? It seeemed to be coming from V.E.T. I was not a happy doglet at all.

Next time I had to go I was wise to this JAB thing and kept my furry bottom firmly on the table, and my furry head in V.E.T.s direction at all times. Ha, that fooled them. Until the biscuits came out and I forgot, OUCH, another jab.

Be warned fellow dogs. V.E.T. is not to be trusted, even with biscuits in their hands they are just waiting to jab you as soon as you are distracted.

Friday, 29 June 2007

It's a dogs life

Look, hard evidence that human's are lazy and get
their furry friends to do the house work. I had only been here 5 minutes and they were teaching me to sweep the floors!

Actually, they tried to fool me, they would push the brush right up into my bedroom, with me following, and quickly close me in. I wasn't falling for that trick too many times so came up with a little trick of my own - I would pretend to be interested in helping, and follow the brush all the way to my bedroom gate, then stop and refuse to go further so they couldn't shut me in. Tee heee hee.

Birthday 'paw'resent

Soon after I came to live here it was the female human's birthday. Actually I was her birthday present, a slightly early one but better early than late I say. Anyway, I thought I should get her a little something from her favourite furry friend. I got the male human to take a photo of me, upload it to Photobox, and have it made into a very cute keyring. Actually you got 3 keyrings, so all the human's got themselves a little present. This is the moment I handed the pressie over. I might have myself printed onto a mouse mat for Christmas, what do you think?

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Are you sitting comfortably...

I decided quite soon after I came to live here that I'd teach the humans how to feed me treats when I did something cute, I started them off with me sitting, as that's the easiest one. They were very pleased with themselves. I have no idea why, I did all the hard work, all they had to do was hold the treats. After a couple of weeks at home not only could I sit for a treat but I thought I'd show off a bit and will sit while they prepare my food, and before I let them open the door to the garden for me. Oh, and before they put the dreaded chain on for 'walkies'. Well, someone has to have some manners around here don't they!!!!
I do a very nice, 'down' and 'wait' that sometimes gets me a tasty piece of sausage, all you other dogs should try it, just look at the human in that special 'sorry for myself' way, and the human will be putty in your paws.

Tired little legs

The trouble with being so small is your energy
levels run out way before your sense of mischief does. There I am, running along, chewing various moving ankles (and boy do the humans LOVE that game- they cheer and run and shake their legs, generally joining in the fun and making it much more interesting for me) anyway, where was I? Oh yes, there I am running along enjoying myself when all of a sudden my furry little legs wont go any further and I have to have a quick snoozelet. It's most annoying as I'm sure I'm missing out on mischief making. Oh well, I sure make up for it when I wake up! My favourite game when I first came to live here was to attach my furry jaw to the teenage human's work trousers and she would take me for a little drag along the hallway. I'm sure she loved it as much, if not more than me. Sometimes I still have a little game of it with her, just for nostalgia sake you understand.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I'm in chains

Okay I admit it, I was a bit of a wuss at first. They started off putting a bit of material round my neck, my NECK I tell you, what would you do? I decided to grin and bear it, but then they went even further and decided to click a bit of rope on to it and dry and drag me around with it! Why? It's not as if we were going anywhere interesting, up and down the hall, and then in the back garden. I mean, I do like the back garden but only when I can go where I like, not where they try and tell me to go.

Now it's a different matter, I'm allowed out in the big wide world, although at first I didn't think much of that at all, they'd chain me up, carry me out to 'car,' tell me to be quiet when I tried to provide in car entertainment (well it was better than the catterwauling coming from that CD thing they had playing.) THEN, we'd get somewhere that looked a little interesting, they get me out of 'car' walk along for what seemed like 3 seconds and say it was long enough for my little legs!! I'd only had a sniff or two of lamposts and people's legs. That's not long enough to even start being fun is it? They pretended they had been advised not to walk me too far when I was young, personally I think they just couldn't handle long walks and late nights.

I get all excited when I hear the humans going into my drawer now, I always think they are getting 'lead' out, they think I can't hear it but I always come rushing from wherever I am. Walkies is great fun, why, only the other day I met a potential girlfriend, cute little thing she was, shame I got so excited that I had a little accident right next to her. Her human did not look impressed with me at all, I saw her again yesterday, bit more embarrassing this time, I was leaving a little message. Next time she walks past I shall be ready for her. I'll be leaning all casual against the wall as she walks past, she wont be able to resist me then. I'm just too handsome for my own good really.


This is one of the toys that was waiting for me when I got to my new home. I remember the humans worried it was too big for me. I soon got my furry little chops round it though. It's not
one of my favourites though. I do like squeakies, I like to walk down the hall squeaking them as much as possible, that way everyone knows exactly where I am. The humans seem to like the noise almost as much as they did my singing in the car that first trip.
Some of my squeaky toys have lasted quite well, others have died a very quick death, yesterday I dragged the female human to the pet shop to buy me a new toy, well she would only let me look at the 'cheapos'. I thought I would show her what bad value for money they were. Today I brought it to her, 'look mum, this one has lost it's squeak already, tssk, these cheap toys are a false economy really Maybe you should get some more money out of that furry purse for me and splash out a bit!'

I don't think much of this 'bath' lark

Eeek, now this is NOT fun, what on earth were they thinking of? I go and make myself look lovely in the garden, making sure to get that lovely mud in every paw, and all over my fur, and they fill up this funny sink thing and try to persuade me it'll be fun to get in, who are they trying to kid. Never mind, I do a mean shake once my fur is wet, they weren't laughing so much after that, I was though, tee hee hee.

Diggity dawg

My Human decided to dig out a plant I had tasted, I thought I would help him! The spade was a little big for my paws though! The humans said I was very dirty and made me go in 'bath'. I thought I looked quite cute in brown!

Coming home

When we got to my new home my humans let me out of 'jail' and showed me my new bedroom, it was rather nice, and I had a present waiting for me from my new dog friend Luca, he's a big boy, an Alsation. He sent me 'Teddy' who is my favourite toy, and who sleeps with me every night. I admit to sometimes not being as nice as I should to Teddy, his ears are in a very sorry state where I have a little chew of them. Teddy is a placid sort though and never bites back.

5 weeks old

This is before I came home, just after I'd chosen my humans actually. I thought I might as well get myself a photo. I kept licking my new humans, I thought they'd like to smell a bit more doggy.

Cute or what?

Aw, wasn't I the cutest little dog? This is me on my first day at my new home. I was only just 7 weeks old and had decided to explore the room the human's call 'the front room' They had bought me lots of toys, this one is a tiny teddy and when they came to pick me up they threw him in the plastic 'jail' they had brought with them, well me being a trusting sort of dog I dove right in after mini ted, and my new mum closed the door on me. How cruel can you get?

Then they all stood around talking about 'car' as I whined to be let out. I got them back though. When we got in 'car' I decided to treat them to some of my best singing, they loved it- I saw them glancing at each other with ever more rapturous faces, or at least I think it was rapturous faces, I'm not too good at telling between that and a grimace really!!! Anyway, after a while I was so exhausted I fell asleep, before I could get to the end of my lovely song too.