Friday, 20 July 2007

A walk in the woods

The humans took me on another day out, this time to the forest. I loved it, all those trees, and all those different things to sniff at too. We took the long route, but the female human got a little tired so we cut off half way. Only trouble is we took the longer way by mistake. The female human said we were lost but the male human would not admit it, he said we were geographically embarrassed! Us men don't like to have our navigation skills under scrutiny do we?

I was quite happy to carry on walking, the humans had a drink with them for me, what more could a little doglet want?

When we eventually got back to 'car' the humans had a hot drink and an eccles cake that the female had made, I got a chewy, something seems little unfair there don't you think?

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Grass rolls

The humans took me to a place called Brightlingsea yesterday. It was a bit hot for a furry four pawed dog really so I made sure to stop every other pawstep just to show my protest. I soon hurried up when they mentioned the words 'chip shop' I always get a sausage when they get themselves some chips. Sure enough after waiting outside patiently (why wasn't I allowed in?) The male human came out with chips, curry sauce and of course the long awaited sausage. Yum.

We stopped in at the church yard on the way home. I found some long grass nearby and thought I'd have a little roll in it. The humans say I'm stinky now, I think I smell quite nice actually.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Seven swans a hissing

Now I'm known for my penchant for bird watching but this one is a little scarey. I did try to make friends with a couple of them but I got hissed at for my troubles. Not a good day all round on the friends front in fact. The humans took me to a place called Mistley, I thought it should have been renamed Swanley as there were at least 30 thousand of them there, or something like that. I can't count actually so that's just a guess!!!

Apart from the less than friendly hissy things I also met a twin of mine, must have been my evil twin though as he barked and snarled at me. I backed off very quickly. I guess not every Westie is as friendly as me eh?

I did meet one friend near the end of the walk, a lovely old lady, who clearly fell in love with me, she asked where I had been all her life, well with a line like that I rolled over and let her stroke my furry tum. She had obviously had furry friends before though as when I tried the 'jump up and annoy them' trick she was having none of it and pushed me straight back down. I do like a dominant woman so I obeyed.

After all that excitement I decided to have a chewy and go to bed as soon as we got home, night night. xx

Friday, 13 July 2007

Toy box

Don't you just love toys? The humans put all mine in this big box, then open up and let me decide what I want to play with. Their magazines are in there too, sometimes I have a sneaky chew on them while I'm choosing.

I couldn't decide what toy I wanted last time so I thought I'd jump in and sit and contemplate the matter further.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Guinea pups

Well looky here. My good friend Raffy the guinea pig seemed to be getting a little wide around the middle of late. Now I didn't like to say anything, you know how these girls are about their weight, but I have to say, her bum definitely did look big in that!!!

Anyway, July 4th I had a little nosey in her cage as I usually do when the humans are feeding her, and there were all these mini guineas, 6 in all. Whingey (the supposed dad) was in the other part of the hutch, looking very uninterested and denying all responsibility. Why, he even went off and got himself installed in a little batchelor pad the very same day. Raffy is left holding the babies and not knowing how she will afford to keep them all in straw and carrots!

I'm enjoying watching the babies scuttling about, they move very quickly so I had to be quick getting these shots. Alright, the humans got them, but I helped by sticking my nose in the cage at the same time.

Identity crisis

I just did a quiz and the results are rather disconcerting

You Are a Boxer Puppy
Energetic, playful and good with kids.You've also got a wild spirit that can't be trained or tamed.

I'm sure the humans said I was a terror. Hmm, maybe I have a split personality.

Friday, 6 July 2007

I got a friend

This is me with my new friend Vikki. My female human went off for a little while and came back in with two friends, one for me and one for her. Well I was so excited I just didn't know what to do with myself. My new girlfriend seemed a little less keen on me than I was on her, but I think she was just playing hard to get. Mind you, she is a bit of an old girl compared to me. In fact, don't tell her I referred to her in such a way but she is a pensioner. I didn't mind though, I was still happy to give the old girl a kiss. I must have a thng for the older woman.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Bad fur day

Fur goodness sake, those humans seem to like to go out on the windiest days. I'm sure as soon as the male human hears the weather forecast for either rain or wind he plans a little expedition. Here I am in a place called Brrr, or Old brrrrr, something like that anyway. This was the result of all the rain, then being towel dried and finally wind blown!

I don't know, fur, you can't do a thing with it can you? How's a boy supposed to look his best for all those lovely females he meets on his walks?

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Day tripping

Do you like to go out on trips? At first I really didn't think much of car and lead but now I get so excited when lead comes out of the drawer. Here's me on one of our first car picnics. We went to the seaside so that we could watch the waves as we ate. Once I'd had my dinner I decided to get myself a better viewpoint than the back seat and climbed up onto the parcel shelf. I saw lots of cars go by. I just love people watching so amused myself until the humans were ready to take me for a walk. When we got back in the car they made me belt up on the back seat again, I'd have liked to travel back in style on my little parcel shelf.
We've been on a couple of car picnics this week. Yesterday the female human queued up to get us some chips whilst the male human and I waited outside, it started to pour down, you should have seen me. Soggy doggy and a very bad hair day! I was in a grump for the rest of the day. I did get a lovely sausage from the chip shop though, that cheered me up just a little. We had to eat in the car again, it was that or soggy chips! Today we had a drive out, and managed a walk and picnic outside, it was quite funny though,as soon as we got back in the car it poured down yet again.