Thursday, 2 August 2007

Rugby mad

I guess most dogs like playing ball. Probably usually a football but the male human here has decided I should be like him and prefer rugby. They gave me this ball when I first came to live here but it seemed so big I thought I would just bark a lot at it. They put it away but rediscovered it the other day. Now I'm bigger and have great big gnashers I loved it. I spent half the afternoon playing with it, in between chewing on the gazebo curtains when the humans weren't looking!!!

The male human said I had punctured the ball, well he can always go and buy me a new one can't he?


Gillian said...

I love the way Pablo's ears have a life of their own!

Floss & Jez said...


looks like fun! hehe

Tessab said...

Pablo, you are really cute. I love the way your ear flops down. :). Your ball does look a bit sorry for itself xx

River said...

Go Pablo - love the way you killed that ball!! And of course the humans can just go and buy you another one!!