Sunday, 5 August 2007

Haircut 100

Well will you lookit the handsome one in this picture? One minute I have more hair than you can shake a stick at and the next I'm shorn the sheep!!! The humans decided the British summer was finally here and thought it might be a bit too hot for me underneath all that thick furry coat that I was wearing.

A nice lady came to visit, I got so excited I did a little wee *blush* She disappeared back to her car and I thought I'd put her off, but she was soon back with some very odd 'things' she called them 'table' and 'clippers'.She put me on 'table'and made a bit of a fuss of me, then flicked a switch on 'clippers' and they started to make a weird noise. I didn't like that at all and tried to escape. She switched them off and made a bit more fuss of me, then let me sniff and lick 'clippers'. I decided they weren't so bad after all and let her carry on with what she wanted to do.

Next came 'scissors. I stayed VERY still as she brought them near to my ears and eyes. I thought if I moved she might chop me a new shaped ear!

I was taken upstairs for 'bath' after the haircut, the humans said the water was running brown off me, I didn't think I was THAT brown, anyway, us dogs don't want to smell like girlies do we? These humans just don't understand about dogs and 'bath' do they? I got my own back, when the female human took me for a walk the next day I made sure to roll in every scent I could find over the park, hopefully I found a couple of really stinky ones to keep me smelling doglike.

I think I looked better with my scruffty coat, but I must admit I feel a lot cooler this way, and the girlies over the park seem to think I'm rather a handsome chap lke this. The humans said I looked like a puppy again, what do you think?


sharadha said...

Pablo! You look so handsum, just like me, Scruffy, your cousin. We look alike, especially since I had a haircut this week too! I took care of the stinky bath smell, though, because as soon as I came home, I wen t to play in the mud. Mmm. Brown.

River said...

I think you look handsome still Pablo - but I did prefer you with your scruffy coat :)


Momo :) said...

Baby Pablo to Handsome pablo! That is a nice change! :)

Momo xoxo

fee said...

i hope you feel cooler now, pablo. did they give you some treats for putting up with all that? it's a very important part of the bargain! no treats, no stay!


Amber said...

Hi Pablo, I think you look very handsome. Although I believe my female owner thought you looked really cute with the punk look LOL