Sunday 2 September 2007

Chop chop

Just look at the state of me. The humans decided to get me 'done' and I think they felt a bit guilty about it after as they bought me this Teddy.

I got my revenge by pulling Teddy to pieces the very next day, tee hee.

Teddy's demise

Oh Luca, look what I did to Teddy that you sent me when I first came home.I don't know what came over me but I thought I'd have a little chew, followed by a slightly bigger chew. Then I just decided to go for it, off came his ears, then his arms, then his legs, then his innards......... I do feel a little guilty.........

But boy was it fun at the time.

The humans' chucked Teddy in the bun, I don't know why they couldn't just piece him back together again!!!!

Guinea dog or doggy pig?

Well look at this, a nice new home for me. Do you think it's a little small for me though? I do like to climb in and eat all the piggy poo, not to mention a good munch on the straw..

Wednesday 15 August 2007


Hey this is FUN FUN FUN. The humans took me visiting the other weekend, to the female human's sister, and a little mini human nephoooo, or something like that. He was only a little taller than me. But what fun he was, and how many toys he had, way more than me!!!!

We had such a good time together, who would have thought that mini humans would be so much fun, he gave me biscuits, ran up and down the stairs with me, shared his Postman Pat van with me (I had a really good chew of that) and then he jumped on this here toy while I sat on it. I must admit to starting to feel a bit seasick by then but hey, a dog doesn't complain about these things does he?

One other good thing, the female human's sister had biscuits for the humans, but they kept dropping the crumbs on the floor. No need for the hoover said I, a furry hoover is here at your service, crumbs cleaned before they can hit the ground.

I like this visiting lark, I hope we go again soon.

Sunday 5 August 2007

Haircut 100

Well will you lookit the handsome one in this picture? One minute I have more hair than you can shake a stick at and the next I'm shorn the sheep!!! The humans decided the British summer was finally here and thought it might be a bit too hot for me underneath all that thick furry coat that I was wearing.

A nice lady came to visit, I got so excited I did a little wee *blush* She disappeared back to her car and I thought I'd put her off, but she was soon back with some very odd 'things' she called them 'table' and 'clippers'.She put me on 'table'and made a bit of a fuss of me, then flicked a switch on 'clippers' and they started to make a weird noise. I didn't like that at all and tried to escape. She switched them off and made a bit more fuss of me, then let me sniff and lick 'clippers'. I decided they weren't so bad after all and let her carry on with what she wanted to do.

Next came 'scissors. I stayed VERY still as she brought them near to my ears and eyes. I thought if I moved she might chop me a new shaped ear!

I was taken upstairs for 'bath' after the haircut, the humans said the water was running brown off me, I didn't think I was THAT brown, anyway, us dogs don't want to smell like girlies do we? These humans just don't understand about dogs and 'bath' do they? I got my own back, when the female human took me for a walk the next day I made sure to roll in every scent I could find over the park, hopefully I found a couple of really stinky ones to keep me smelling doglike.

I think I looked better with my scruffty coat, but I must admit I feel a lot cooler this way, and the girlies over the park seem to think I'm rather a handsome chap lke this. The humans said I looked like a puppy again, what do you think?

Thursday 2 August 2007

Rugby mad

I guess most dogs like playing ball. Probably usually a football but the male human here has decided I should be like him and prefer rugby. They gave me this ball when I first came to live here but it seemed so big I thought I would just bark a lot at it. They put it away but rediscovered it the other day. Now I'm bigger and have great big gnashers I loved it. I spent half the afternoon playing with it, in between chewing on the gazebo curtains when the humans weren't looking!!!

The male human said I had punctured the ball, well he can always go and buy me a new one can't he?

Friday 20 July 2007

A walk in the woods

The humans took me on another day out, this time to the forest. I loved it, all those trees, and all those different things to sniff at too. We took the long route, but the female human got a little tired so we cut off half way. Only trouble is we took the longer way by mistake. The female human said we were lost but the male human would not admit it, he said we were geographically embarrassed! Us men don't like to have our navigation skills under scrutiny do we?

I was quite happy to carry on walking, the humans had a drink with them for me, what more could a little doglet want?

When we eventually got back to 'car' the humans had a hot drink and an eccles cake that the female had made, I got a chewy, something seems little unfair there don't you think?